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Desc:A cyberpunk thriller starring a data thief with male pattern baldness.
Category:Video Games, Science & Technology
Tags:cyberpunk, bad games, William Gibson, pat cadigan
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Resubmit:Dr. Lobotomy

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Comment count is 12
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Apparently there is no cure for male pattern baldness in the future.
Boy, this was a real load of crap huh?

Burn:Cycle was hyped as being something revolutionary and I suppose that was true if by "revolutionary" they meant an underwhelming arcade shooter with long FMV video sequences with badly pre-rendered backgrounds.

Caminante Nocturno
The 90's were a pretty awkward period for video games.
say what you will about these games they were probably a tonne of fun to make.
Mike Tyson?!
This is the one game my friend had on his CD-i and we couldn't even figure out the first puzzle. It was a 3 second screen with symbols flashing that you had to shoot in order or who know's what. Fuck that game, fuck the CD-i.
yes. when it was released, i rented a cd-i for a weekend and this was the only game i rented with it. couldn't get out of the first room without dying.

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
I completed the thing. It remember it being confusing in places, but at the time impressive for a game.

Although in reality not exactly innovative.

I love that "information is the new currency" bit.

"Let's see, one double latte... that will be two pieces of information, please!"

"My cat turned six years old on July 16th and the largest city in Rwanda is Kigali."

"Thanks! Here you go!"
A shitty 80s movie as a shitty 90s game.
Big Muddy
I have a commercial for this on an old tape. I notice it's not been uploaded to the tube, will make note a do the deed.
When I was a kid, my friend lied to me. He told me this game was about killing people who have a virus.
I just want to live in 1994 forever.
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