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Desc:Biggest fighting game tournament in the world. I post this with 0 irony, because this shit is fun.
Category:Video Games
Tags:video games, Street Fighter, Evolution 2008, MvC2
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Dr. Venkman
-1 star for falco's edge hogging.
Pff. Those guys are losers. I'm way too cool for that. These stars are awarded ironically.

....incidentally, how can you have a serious tournament with Magneto/Storm/Sentinal infinite combos? And shouldn't they disable Smash Balls in Melee? At the very least I hope the items are set to low. And whats with the lack of KoF love in Capcom v SNK 2? And where did I put my Dreamcast again?
They seem pretty lassiez faire. Normally akuma is banned in just about everything he has ever appeared in, especially SF3:3S. Still, that super drop was pretty pro.

Caminante Nocturno
-2 because I'm not seeing any Guilty Gear in this so-called tournament. There was also no irony in my post.
Dr. Venkman
i agree, wtf is up with no guilty gear!? fucking love that game, millia rage and faust are the bees knees.

Honestly, there was only so much room on the schedule for so many games and GG was cut out of the line up. IIRC, there was also some "drama" related issues with running this game in 2007.

All of these games have massive followings with large player bases, it is just that the last spot came down to GG or CvS2...and GG lost. If it is any consolation, this is CvS2's last year.

Mad Struggle
Well, Guilty Gear's players kind of pissed off the EVO staff by showing up an hour late and several other things (IIRC: Showing up drunk(?) not fighting the final tournament match and just splitting the pot) in the previous years. Maybe next year.

Guilty Gear SHOULD be at EVO, but the players have show a bit too much disrespect and a lack of discipline. This year was just GG being sent to time out.

Monchiles Monchiles
I hate all of these people and everything they stand for in their tiny dark rooms playing on controllers supported by cardboard boxes. But this is negated by my love of cheesy promos.
Doctor Arcane
What was that game at 1:45 where the dude is shooting? That isn't Smash Bros is it?
So many scrubs. So little time.
I like watching people playing video games good, but I don't care about these goobers. There's a little bit of irony in this post.
Watching people play video games is shitty. Trying to make me hate Saul Williams by marrying him to this pathetic bullshit is a crime against humanity.
I see some faggots have posted.

CvS2 > GG sorry
Caminante Nocturno
Only if you want the game's faults to cover up how much you suck at fighting games.


There are people besides me who run Captain Commando in MvC2?
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