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Desc:The Bratz of the toy dog world
Category:Advertisements, Horror
Tags:toys, slutty dogs, tini puppini
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Comment count is 16
and with that, the toy industry found a way to reinforce negative body image with stuffed dogs
they went with this italianized name since "Bitchez" wasn't deemed appropriate for some reason or other
Caminante Nocturno
0:21... You're such a ho?

Yes, that is exactly what she's saying.
Oh my god, you're right.

While that would be great, she's actually saying "you're such a howl." Which is arguably worse.

I heard "ho" the first time too.
I had to run it back and listen again. It's "howl" but it's cleverly placed and edited to elicit my reaction.

I stand by CN's original statement. Here I shall present my case:

a) "you're such a howl" doesn't make any sense, while "you're such a ho" is completely logical and appropriate for the accompanying visual. Occam's razor.

b) earlier in the commercial, after they get their hair done one of the puppini's remarks that her hairdo was "worth the wag", wag obviously being a play on words meaning it was worth the "wait". "such a howl" is clearly another of these dog-themed puns, and what else could you substitute for howl other than ho?

I used to think people who talked about the decline of American culture were just being reactionary.
My dog is named Martini. I call her Tini.
I think I need a new dog.
It's howl.

A howl, a laugh, great to be with.
It makes perfect sense.
Caminante Nocturno
No it doesn't.

Yes it does.

Caminante Nocturno
No it doesn't!

Killer Prunes
Those dogs.. have bootys.....

:( horror bootys.
Christ. The orange one looks like the werewolf from Ginger Snaps.
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