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Desc:Half Life: Full Life Consequences without the pesky narrative, pretty much
Category:Video Games
Tags:glitch, 007, meme, wiggly limbs
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Comment count is 18
Somebody needs to blow in the cartridge!
Mike Tyson?!
This is cartridge tilting and the best reason to still own a N64 you no longer care about.

Goldeneye 2: Electric Boogaloo
Man Who Fights Like Woman
Obviously this is the little-known "Breakdancing" cheat.
Evil came to rue the day Q Branch supplied Bond with the dreaded epilepsy gun.
I really liked Goldeneye mostly because if you played as Odd Job and were up against Jaws, you could run up right next to him and he was too tall to hit you.
My stars are for 2:27-2:40
I was so surprised by the plane and then even the helicopter after that.
First it starts out as some heavy petting, and then

)(QW#E)RF*HQ!#()*RH!Q)#*RH spurt spurt
What really pushes this over the edge for me is the horrible noises, you can hear every shattering bone in those contorting bodies.
The last 30 seconds or so really pushed this up to a 5
Jeff Fries
It got funnier and funnier the longer it went on. I can't vote on this until Cartridge Tilting is in the tags
gimbal lock is one hell of a drug
I fucking want that cartridge so bad.
I'm waiting for the part where Bond perfectly, smoothly, and gracefully pops up behind someone and shoves his fingers into their ass.
My favorite thing to do in Goldeneye was to plant times explosives on the windows in the Archives level. If you timed it right they'd explode as the ending cinematic played and kill Natalya.
If you haven't tried it, cheat yourself a golden gun/golden PP7, kill Ourumov and pick up what he drops.

j lzrd / swift idiot
Plus a bazillion stars for that chick spasming and/or cartwheeling across the bridge. That made my day.
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