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Desc:It is a thing that will make you go 'My god, that is 1992.'
Category:Advertisements, General Station
Tags:90s, dinosaurs, abc, Roseanne, urkel
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Comment count is 23
Five stars for the rage that the simple phrase "TGIF Friday" inspires in me, and I'm not even going to get into the Roseanne-themed cartoon or the show about talking babies.
I mean, seriously. C&C Music Factory. Steve Urkel. "Dinosaurs." Roseanne. Roseanne being married to Tom Arnold. Nelvana. C&C Music Factory. A cheap TV knockoff of "Look Who's Talking."

All we need now is a thirty minute prime time special in which other ABC television characters pretend to watch these shows and then tell us how great they are and that we should watch them too.
Caminante Nocturno
Oh, those things were a horrible sight to behold.


yes, all those things happened.

War crimes. War crimes perpetrated against my young mind.

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
holy shit
I have a Wayne's World book with a list of things that make you go hmm.
Jeff Fries
I have a Bart Simpson's Guide to Life, which covers everything else more or less

Godard's Drinking Problem
I have a Beavis and Butthead book which includes a name-your-own-death-metal-band mix and match word bank and a town map

I have both of those, Jeff and Godard.

Well I have a King of the Hill book on raising children.

1992 will be remembered as the worst year in television history.
Viewing in the Clinton Years
To be fair these shows were all cooked up during the Bush years.

The McK
I believe you mean "coked up".

Poor Excuse
TGIF Friday. Thank god it's Friday Friday.
Friday Die Day

I seem to remember a horrible pilot along the lines of Dinosaurs, only it was a Cosby-esque family sitcom with muppet-like aliens? It was truly atrocious, and pretty much summed up that TV era for me.
O yeah, that was "Aliens in the Family". Their tagline was
"One half of the family eats toast, the other half...toasters." That was as clever as it got.

Why was there a Roseanne cartoon?!
oh yeah
Wait, there was ANOTHER Roseanne cartoon? I remember "Little Rosie" but I had no idea the one shown in this existed.

Also enough with the ABC nostalgia crap. It's saddening to see how awesome(ly bad) the channel was before Disney took it over.
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