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Desc:Wait for it.
Category:Military, Humor
Tags:machine gun, fail
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Comment count is 22
If a gun is a natural extension of your penis does an event like this make you impotent for the rest of your life? Help me out here Frank Rizzo or Namor.
Someone submitted this just to troll people with the epic fail title.
not a very productive troll, just 1 star it and move on

epic fail FUTUREBUTT

considering its from FAILblog.com, I deem it troll-worthy albeit short-lived

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
using 'fail' like this went bad years ago
I think this is one of those fights we're doomed to lose.

was going to be a 5 star vid but
-1 for epic
-2 for fail
I don't understand the intricacies of the clip rating community so I shall abstain.
you are obviously linguistically challenged, and should leave any criqitue of four-letter words like "epic" and/or "fail" to the much more eminently and vociferously qualified INTERNETS WORD POLICE

-1 for each of:

- "Epic"
- "Fail" (including failblog)
- Telling us to wait for it when it takes all of, what, 5 seconds to happen? Do you really think we're that ADD here?
- Not being all that funny anyway.

Unfortunately, the rating system saturates at 1.
Oh also the tags are ridiculos.

And they can't be edited since it's anon, which is why I'm allowing metadata to be part of the permanent rating.

Caminante Nocturno
23 skidoo, fellahs.
It's funny!
Wait for what?
-1 for "fail"
-1 for "epic"
-1 for giving away a punchline that was a mere 5 seconds in
-1 for retarded tags
Someone skipped a step on the barrel change.
The video was somewhat funny, but I see PoETV as a sieve for youtube. With that title, description, and poor tagging, this video does not belong.
Yeah. That was epic. That fourteen second video clip of a hardware failure. Epic is the exact word I would use to describe that, as well as monumental and foreboding.
you forgot mythic and majestic

No, it was fail because the dumb motherfucker operating the M2HB didn't screw the damned barrel on right. HOOAH ARMY.

La Loco
I'm going to give it one star too because everyone else is.
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