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Desc:The classic saga of two guys who want to beat the living hell out of each other, set to Ozzy.
Tags:MMA, pride, destruction, ouch my face, Don Frye
Submitted:Rudo Magnifico
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Comment count is 17
Them clobbering on each other is like a real wrestling match
Both of them have Japanese pro wrestling backgrounds. I imagine they just decided backstage to stiff it out puroresu-style and see which one would be the first to fall.

Note to Takayama: don't go for knee thrusts while taking unguarded shots to the face.

Syd Midnight
Jesus what a brawl. What sheer "punch other guy in face, repeat"-ness. They just throw martial arts aside and duke it out like hockey goalies.

Love this fight. It couldn't have been less technical, but it also could't have been more entertaining.
That's funny, I can list at least a dozen ways it could have been more entertaining off the top of my head without even having to really think about it.

Now if they were bouncers...

Sorry, I meant "in my opinion." I forgot that I need to add that to everything I post on the Internet.
This was a reply to Camonk. Oops.

Nobody cares, carmonk.
Mike Haggar is real!

I also expected Don to just break down, start crying & slapping Yoshihiros chest while screaming "YOU VICIOUS UNCARING MAN!" during the staredown.
that is one hard man
5 stars just for the fact that this is the one fight video put to music that isnt "let the bodies hit the floor."
Frank Rizzo
ruined by crappy music
Congratulations on your ruined face.
Needs a "WWII reenactment"

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