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Desc:Remember those pictures from the 'Scary Stories' books? Goodnight out there, whatever you are.
Category:Arts, Horror
Tags:art, Stephen Gammell, Ruination of Childhood Sleep Cycles, hideous lump woman
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Comment count is 11
Fantastic, terrifying work.

*ahem* Yes they do sort of ring a bell. Actually are a massive influence on my own stuff I'm sure. The one with the burst spider egg on the girl's face, I actually marked it in black marker so I could avoid turning to it. Eventually I actually tore that page out and threw it away.
Actually I think I heavily overused the word actually. Oh well, SUFFER.

I loved these book. My brother was afraid to keep them in his room.
When I was little I had to earmark the girl with the spiders busting out of her face so that I would never see it again.

I don't know how this reply happened but I am the Viper. I come to vipe the vindows.

I've loved this guy's work since I was in 3rd grade. All of it is horrifying on myriad levels.
After viewing that, I'm going to sleep well tonight! And by "sleep well tonight" I mean "be troubled by nightmares".
Combine Stephen Gammell and Edward Gorey and you've basically got the results of my art degree.
The Caffeine Kid
Oh man, the Scary Stories books were the only books I took out from the library when I was a child. I loved the pictures. They thrilled and horrified me.
The Faghorn
I think the scariest part about the art to me was how 'wet' it all looked, like basically everything was just sort of dissolving.

Oh, and how the art would be there to bookend a more or less complete non-scare of a story.
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