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Desc:Trailer/promo for one of the worst superhero TV movies in history.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:fox, Mutants, comic book guy, Generation X
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Comment count is 14
La Loco
More like Generation Lame! Haha ahaha ahahahahahahah ha.
It looks better than Dr. Who and Heroes put together.
There was a period of time, when Xena was popular, that almost everything looked like this.
Just 45-degrees slanted shots of people all jumping around.

And apparently nobody but Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi were in on the joke...

Severely needs the "90s" tag. Because wow.

I have, somewhere at my parents' house, a VHS copy of this that we recorded off-air. (Also, the Doctor Who TV movie from the same era). I kind of vaguely want to know where it is, but I also really really don't.

Apparently the only people of any note whatsoever who appeared in this are Matt Frewer and the guy who plays Hermes on "Futurama." I think I had it confused with the equally if not more atrocious Nick Fury TV movie which starred The Hoff and veteran character actor/Hey It's That Guy! Guy Gary Chalk.
The guy who played Hermes (Phil LaMarr) got his big start on MADtv. He was also the voice of Samurai Jack.

Things I remember about this movie:

-The guy that played Banshee is now the fat guy from Cold Case.
-They got a white girl to play Jubilee.
-It was terrible.
Hey! It's the Misfits of Science!
They wish.

Oh shit, I remember watching this when it aired... or, rather, suddenly sitting up after 2 hours of movie-watching and realizing I couldn't remember what I'd just seen. It's hard to make a movie that manages to be so shitty and so lame, yet is also almost completely forgettable.
Aubrey McFate
I was a fan of the Gen-X comics. I watched this.

I liked it enough, but even as a kid I knew it was pretty mediocre.
Dinkin Flicka
I loved this when I was 9!

Given all the other comments on here, this is probably the wrong place to for such an admission.
Caminante Nocturno
Part of me misses movies like this being shown on network TV.
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