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Desc:More from The Rock-afire Explosion.
Category:Horror, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:animatronic, chuck-e cheese, horror fun, Aladdin
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Comment count is 11
nothing accompanies music better than the horrible clatter and clank of nightmarish robotic animal monsters
needs a parkinsons tag
So, when's this guy gonna do a video for "Closer"?

How could anyone think this would be anything but cripplingly horrifying to children?

"Listen I know what kids like. They like anthropomorphic monsters with dead eyes from the bad end of the uncanny valley. And banjos."
when i was probably 8 or 9, i climbed onto the stage at a chuck e. cheese during a friend's birthday party and was unceremoniously whacked in the head by chuck e.'s giant animatronic leg.

so, logically, kill it with fire.

Timothy A. Bear
High police activity at Chuck E. Cheese due to the inclement madness.
That rat lady is so hopped up on the cheddar she doesn't know where to go or what to look at.
Combined with Paula Deen's pants falling down, this is pretty much the most horrible day for videos. Thanks PoETV.
just doing its job..and doing it well

Well shit. I accidentally opened up multiple windows of this in Youtube without realizing it, and thought the horrifying sound (of the song being performed out of sync across multiple windows) was intentional.
After hearing THAT, then hearing the actual performance, I really would like to take back a star. It's not that this isn't creepy as hell, it's just that it doesn't compare in creepiness to what I thought it was. IT CAN'T.
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