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Desc:Am I about to go on a Journey? Oh. It's Journey.
Category:Video Games
Tags:journey, arcade, dont stop believing
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Comment count is 7
only steve perry gets out alive
and with all the Magic Powder! (tm)

Geeze that guy didn't make it to the concert or even Steve Smith's drum mini-game. Too bad he didn't die on Steve Perry's part, I love the pained look on his face when he fails. This was the first game with digitized graphics and one of the best rock group games ever made. (Yeah games based on rock groups usually aren't that great.)
That was me. It was my first and only time playing the game, although I'm tempted to go back and play the drummer level just to see.

Less than 10 minutes after posting it to youtube, I got a comment from this guy (http://www.youtube.com/user/beerxxpress). I like to imagine him spending all day F5-ing a search_query=journey page.

What? You mean to tell me that Revolution X starring Aerosmith isn't the best rock group game ever?

Typical biclops, sucking ass at video games. Eh! Buddy! Go back to Queeristan!

This was actually a really good arcade game for the time. It was a nice, fast, simple action game with good variety and nice graphics for those days. I mean, even back then people thought the Journey tie-in was stupid, despite the neato digitized faces, but this was a game I fondly remember.
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