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Desc:How do you like them apples.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Limbaugh, republicans, cheney, gibbs, cabal
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JordanMatthewT (2 hours ago)
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The fire of freedom still burns, but is slowly fading away due to the gradual taking of power by the Federal Government and the money manipulators. As a member of the military, I have sworn to protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. And with your help, I intend to do just that.


Meh, just more talk. I would've pointed out the vast contraction of power into the executive branch under the Bush administration as a more "do as I say, not as I do" indictment of Cheney.
Hmmm, interesting, I seem to have heard something about using a national tragedy as an excuse to greatly expand executive power. I just can't seem...to...Cheney, was it, who asked this? Uh, yeah, I'll get back to him.

Gibbs is a delightful sprite.
And I hear he can do wonders in the kitchen with just a package of ramen and a few old things in the back of the fridge.

He brings good luck to your household if you leave a basket of acorns for him on your doorstep on the first day of spring.

Once he fixed a spotted owl's wing with a smile and the gentlest hands I've ever seen.

He makes all the little children happy.

Who gives a rat's ass what Cheney thinks at this stage of the game anyway?
Caminante Nocturno
I'm torn between hoping for Cheney to die sooner rather than later, and for his life to go on for as long as people can openly mock his lifetime of failure.
Frank Rizzo
I'd like him to live long enough for the trial to take place.

Plus, the longer he holds on, the longer he gets to be a punching bag for the new administration.

Which is still more than he deserves.

I hope he holds on until the 2010 elections. The country should have him as a reminder not to vote for the Republicans next election.

Rodents of Unusual Size
This man is the total opposite of the press secretaries before him.
No he isn't. He's still a fat, lethargic, shell of a man. This time he's just speaking for someone that you support.

Seriously, to have motherfucking CHENEY of all people leveling the charge of "expanding the power of the executive branch" and then to answer with anything but gales of uproarious laughter is inexcusable for a man in his position.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Are you honestly saying this man is comparable to Tony Snow? Because ha!

Yes, but this time it's a JOVIAL fat man! He is fun and twangy and he's not kissing Cheney's ass.

Also, Tony Snow wasn't fat. He was riddled with cancer. Horribly painful, deliciously deserved cancer. But he wasn't fat. He was horrible in other ways.

ROUS: No, honestly, I think Tony Snow was more clever. Absolutely more of a douchebag too, but Snow would not have totally missed the chance to do something aside from chortle fatly at Cheney's remarks.

Camonk: They're all fat in the soul.

Also, Tony Snow didn't deserve cancer.

Rodents of Unusual Size
They all deserve cancer.


I disagree with Halon. Secretary Gibbs is fundamentally more clever and funnier than Tony Snow.

I also disagree with Halon in that I believe that Tony Snow not only deserves cancer, but diarrhea, AIDS, crabs, and Thai Exploding Penis Syndrome.

Tony Snow could eat him alive.

Summary: fat men with cancer laugh deservedly at has-been Cheney. Wait..what?

This really should have been a two part clip with this as part two:

Chip Reid makes sure to lick Cheney's balls just incase.
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