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Desc:Guess how many minutes in before Star Trek is mentioned.
Tags:star trek, aspergers syndrome, support group
Submitted:wtf japan
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Comment count is 33
Nicki reminds me of John Lovitz.
how to pick up chicks at an aspergers support group

Syd Midnight
I was expecting a bunch of smelly nerds and that's exactly what I got.
So being a nerd is a disease now. This is the type of liberal P.C. crap that makes me sick. You don't have a disease, you don't have a disorder, you're a fucking nerd. Now quit making excuses.

Syd Midnight
Don't be so harsh on yourself

Sudan no1
unfortunately for everyone, Autism is like the gay - it occurs on a spectrum. On the low end you have nerds, the next stage up are aspie nerds, and on the high end you have people who can't talk and barely function.

Save the tears and sympathy for those who can barely function. But the nerds just need a swift kick in the ass.

Cena is channeling Michael Savage tonight.

La Loco
It's good that we have people with nerd disease. If we didn't who would wrestling fans have to kick around?

Just kidding, feel the same way about everyone as you all do.


Cena isn't retarded, he doesn't have some "brain disease," he was never sexually molested as a kid and that's why he has difficulty reading or some whiny shit, he's just stupid. Just a stupid guy. Get over it.

Sorry Baleen, was I insensitive to your kind? I'm not stupid, I have common sense. Common sense looks stupid in the eyes of liberals, but that's just because it defies everything liberals get force fed in public schools.


You have common stupid. Did you go to private school or did you just eat willingly at your public school?

This is good. What would make it better: putting on techno music and encouraging them to dance.
Robert DeNegro
karl hungus
needs slagathor tag.
What about the Danger
I like it when the man decides he's done talking to the woman about their pills, and just decides to walk off while she's still talking.

And then she looks disappointed.
It's a great example of the type of vague "social problems" people with that disorder have. Wouldn't that completely piss you off if he did that to you in real life? Especially without the context of him being and aspie.


Fortunately we're educated enough about the plight of these folks that an aspie is sort of glaring and almost endearing. I remember a kid just like this in high school who was utterly tormented, and it was terrible to see how hurting he was. With an understanding of the symptoms it's actually fun to talk to these people, because you know they are observing the amount of air pressure you are using to form cleft consonants and not giving a shit about what you are actually saying.

Dude reminds me heavily of a guy who lived across the hall from me in the dorms.
Frank Rizzo
this is actually really interesting.

I wonder how difficult it would be to con your way in on one of these meetings. How long it would take to get caught.
karl hungus
don't worry, I'm pretty sure nobody would be able to bust you.

Frank Rizzo
oh damn, yeah well.... eat dick.


Just do what this girl I went to school with did, talk endlessly about Duran Duran and Star Trek, interrupting the facilitator at every pause in conversation.

I too feel like I've had many September Elevenths.
Rape Van Winkle
It bothers me that since Asperger's has become more widely known, the disorder has become confused in the public mind.

The problem with all the people in this clip is obviously that they are Jewish.
Operation Cornflakes
I guessed 2:35. Dammit.
If for aspergers dudes communication is 99% language, then shouldn't their jokes be just hilarious? But they're not. They're laughin' and clappin' like a normie watchin' 30 Rock, and the dude just mentioned cathode ray tubes and horizontal oscillators or whatever.
A roomful of people who clearly cannot wait to talk about how awesomely different they are.

"Ahhh, I love Oklahoma."
description gets the 5 stars without having to watch the vid
and here are those stars

Pictured: the Internet.
Man, those nasally, atonal voices are really grating after awhile.
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