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Desc:Say fellow, that's an unusual hat you're weari...oh
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:Deformity, turkey, tumor, oh dude gross
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Comment count is 11
Caminante Nocturno
Much scarier than having big knees.
Spike Jonez
He tends to things while the Master is away.



Five stars.
This must have been the guy Darryl was painting.
I just came in here to post "I don't think this one will be around the next time ss-the snows settle on the gentle slopes of Mount Schwarzkopf," you bastard.

That was better, actually. YOU WIN THIS TIME, BUT I'LL BE BACK.

Rodents of Unusual Size
We are all on the same page here.

What th -- I suddenly have a hankering for broccoli.
Attack of the Mushroom People
Correction, that guys has TUMORS on his head. Fuck-ing-a (in British accent).
Robert DeNegro
If my Turkish serves me, he's saying, "Why, yes. This tumor DOES make my wife's ass look big."
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