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Desc:The director of Hausu/House adapts a classic horror manga, and the results are utterly astonishing.
Category:Horror, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:engrish, oh japan, white people, Nobuhiko Obayashi, golden shower
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Comment count is 19
Sorry for the length, but there's just too many perfect moments in this, and I had a hard time leaving anything out.
what the hell?
Well it certainly is a decent into hell...
karl hungus
I didn't find it decent at all.

decent hell experience time!

Rodents of Unusual Size
Meet Mark, the incredibly popular and openly gay high school senior.

This entire thing is like an incredibly long KITH sketch. 8:25 I began to absolutely fucking lose it.
Mark just grew too old to be interested in girls.

This is so so amazing. BUT WHAT ABOUT HIS BIG GAME?
I'd wonder if this was intentional, but the Japanese don't seem to have any concept of horror. This is like the Japanese Mac and Me.
I didn't include the scenes of the giant crab monsters killing kids, or the dead woman puking sand, due to the fact they were way, way too dark. But this movie is schizophrenic as fuck.. singing and dancing one minute, kids being melted away to skeletons the next.

Happiness of the Katakuri's.

Actually, Camonk, the Japanese have a very good concept of horror. You just wouldn't know it from this.

Also, I don't remember any of this stuff happening in the manga. Which I highly recommend, btw.

The weird shifts in tone are Obayashi, not the original manga, which is entirely straight, fairly scary, and depressing as hell.

I think the manga Drifting Classroom is hands-down the most depressing thing I have ever read

So. Instead of all killing and eating each other, in this version they have hot, kinky sexual encounters?

I loved Hausu, I loved this.
Netflix membership activate!

Also, she wants to have his baby. Right after the big game.
BTW: Of the 7 comments for this film in IMDb, 6 are from people who say they were in it.

Most fans of the original manga hate it becuase of the big shift in tone, but again, this is from the director of "Hausu". You can't expect a "normal" film from a man with that kind of credentials.
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