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Desc:Just watch it.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:Anime, CGI, awesomeness, StarBlazers
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Comment count is 21
They reached planet animechick or animedude I can never fucking tell with these guys!
watch out for the giant space lady head Yamato!
"Penis gun FIRE!"
The Mothership
for real. needs the 'money shot' tag.

Daniel Striped Tiger
Excuse me, but the battle with the Comet Empire fleet took place near Saturn. This video clearly shows it happening in Earth orbit. Also, Comet Empire Fortress Gatlantis wasn't even present during that particular battle.
This has ruined the video for me. I hope everything bad in the world happens to you and only to you.
Daniel Striped Tiger
Also, this is, obviously, the second season, but the woman at the end of the clip is Starsha of Iskandar.
Everyone - EVERYONE - knows that Trelana of Telezart
was the deus ex machina chick from season two.

You are a swine.

Daniel Striped Tiger
Also, Yamato's flight wings are retracted during its flight into orbit. That is preposterous.

Also, one of the Cosmo Zeroes clearly has the yellow and black paint scheme of the Black Tigers squadron. The Black Tigers never flew Cosmo Zeroes, and had already been superseded by the Cosmo Tigers by the start of the Comet Empire war.


Daniel Striped Tiger
Captain Okita wasn't around for the Comet Empire war.

I'm going to fuck your mom.

I like the cartoons where the spaceship shoots blue stuff.

This is clearly a Marvel-style "What If?" story: "What if ... the guy who designed the Yamato's wings instead went to medical school?" Turns out he would have found a cure for Okita's radiation poisoning, so Okita would have survived into the second season and taken out the Gatlantis destroyer with relative ease. Starsha would have been so impressed that she would have sent congratulations immediately afterwards, commenting "I'm glad this time you didn't even have to break orbit".

Five stars because StarBlazers.

Daniel Striped Tiger
You can't fire the wave-motion gun AND keep the wave -motion engine engaged.

Hugo Gorilla
Daniel Striped Tiger, you complete me.

I am going to have confirm all this with my nerd friends.


you are all ridiculous faggots
Hammer Falls
When I was four, we moved from a town that would show Wacky Racers and other Hannah-Barbera crap in the morning to a town that showed this as their before-school-every-day-cartoon...
Seeing the CGI version blast out of the water gave me one of those nostalgic smiles. Thank you kindly, DrVital...

It also made me feel my old. Curse you kindly, DrVital.
Hammer Falls
And seeing this, now I want a Star Blazers movie... and it better be quick, because no one besides Wilford Brimley should play Capt. Argo (yeah, I'm sticking with the Amercanized names) before diabeetus does him in.

This looks interesting and that's all I have to say.
Also, Yamato Pachinko!


Boners all around!
Hey, those aren't the words...
Baby Finster
Japan has no sexual inadequacies AT ALL.
Rape Van Winkle
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