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Desc:NASA's Space Sciences Laboratories: Actual VLF audio recordings control the evolution of the fields
Category:Science & Technology, Arts
Tags:NASA, animation, simulation, magnetic, fields
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Comment count is 4
Gamara II - 2009-04-14
For an artsy-fartsy explanation of the video:
http://www.semiconductorfilms.com/root/Magnetic_Movie/Magnetic .htm
Gamara II - 2009-04-14
Oh, and "VLF" is "very low (radio) frequencies" of 3-30kHz. I guess the point is it's similar to the audible sound wave frequency range. This video is definitely nifty in imagining what it would be like to directly sense other physical phenomena besides visible light and sound.

Leviathant - 2009-04-14
Q: What is the difference, the distinction, between a swish and a whistler?

A: Well, a swish descends through the audio frequency spectrum with time. whereas a whistler is more coherent

Q: in other words a whistler is a rarefied and specialized case of the swish?

A: Well we've found some that start out like a swish and end up like a whistler and we call these swishlers...

Q: They're audio frequencies, but they're not audible unless you have radio ears?

A: That is correct, they're audio frequency radio waves

Q: We've talked about whistlers a lot, now perhaps, we should uh, devote no more than a minute or two to the TWEEK

A: The tweek is rather well understood, and demonstrated that they are indeed tweeks, but the rate of decline of the tone is so fast, that they're not recognized as well developed tweeks unless you slow them down

Q: A mature tweek is one that is many miles away?

A: It is a, uh a crash or a bonk and if it's uh, far enough away that it's not that or a tweek, it's one of these immature tweeks. A dawn chorus on the other hand is not at all well understood, and there is no theory to explain it.

oogaBooga - 2009-04-14
The Secret Life of Wiggling, Jiggling Lines
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