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Desc:this is a video about Cleveland
Tags:cleveland, promotional video
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Louis Armstrong
Hey! they got seagulls!
i want to invent something...
Hugo Gorilla
Build a better Cleveland and the world will beat a path to your door.

Previously, on Cleveland.
pressed peanut sweepings
Columbus is a much nicer city.
King of Balls
FUCK. Columbus.

City? Columbus is more like a giant suburb, a festering wart on the ass of America.

pressed peanut sweepings
It's still better than Cleveland.

At least Cleveland was a bustling city that had a purpose at some point in history. Columbus has no soul. It's a giant fucking warehouse with a college.

pressed peanut sweepings
Right, Cleveland has a nice past. That's all it has. At least Columbus still has a potential future, if it learns from the mistake of allowing developments like Easton.

caged ant
Columbus has many historic and cultural attractions including COSI, the original Wendy's, the Short North, Serpent Mound, and the Lion's Den.

King of Balls
Nate, go home. Columbus is a big stinky mall.

Man, Cleveland needs to hire a less negative marketing company. Maybe the guy who did this just lost his wife in a messy divorce and his kid in a grisly car accident and his shit is just not together. But come on, guy, don't that out on Cleveland.
Busby Berkeley
In Cleveland I'm a MODEL!
This train is carrying jobs out of Cleveland!

Cleveland leads the nation in drifters!

Hahaha, fuck you, dying Midwestern cities.
I lived in Cleveland for five years. I met lots of awesome people, but the town itself is a true shithole.

The mistake by the lake
The city that looks best in your rear-view mirror
... Or is it a viral ad for the new Seth MacFarlane show?
BOTH buildings!
Syd Midnight
There's the really tall one, and also the really old one that lights up at night.

The next ad produced by these people featured the following narration:

"Yes, visit all of the wonderful locales in Cleveland like...um...give me a minute...uh...hmm......well there's the...I mean you can visit...AW SHIT [followed by 50 seconds of absolute silence]"
Syd Midnight
You can find some decent microbreweries but if you want to pay to get drunk in Cleveland just go to the flats. Don't fall in the river, it's poison.

The Flats look like a Scoobie Doo ghost town, though.

I was completely unaware that Cleveland leads the nation in drifters, but now I'm educated on the subject! Thanks video!
haha fuck you cleveland

from, minneapolis
Blackstar will build a better Cleveland through the development of the Godseed Project

I've never been, yet I feel five is not enough for this.
Way to go, Ohio.
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