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Desc:Calls dibs on Alaska.
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:america, economics, WTF Russia, secession
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Comment count is 13
the translation is annoying but he does nothing to explain or prove how he thinks this will happen. He sounds like some braces-laden teenager in a comic book store throwing out how a cool alternate reality for Justice League would go.

does he ever make it on Glenn Beck? seems like a good fit...oh yeah that's right, he's Russian.
You see there are states... and they are different. Therefore they will break apart. Also, Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house.

Actually, I'm about 90% certain that Osama Bin Laden speculated along these lines in an interview with a Western reporter back in the day (I'd have to dig it up). Maybe we should be heartened that the rest of the world can be as ignorant about American society as we are of them.

Goofy Gorilla
I guess this is why mid-level American universities' economics programs are packed with ex-bloc students.
You know I think the same kind of thing might happen to the Soviet Union.

He even made a map. I'm pretty sure this is a prank and this "professor" drives a truck for a living and makes too many drunken bets with his friends.

http://images.teamsugar.com/files/upl1/16/162306/01_2008/2cd0a b1485fb28e7_russian_end.preview.jpg
I think it's a prank in response to mainstream Americans constantly (and inaccurately) predicting Russia to break apart.

Either that or Russians are so used to inter-country ethnic squabbles they assume people from Tennsessee are culturally different than people from Missouri.

intra-country ethnic squabbles, I mean. Whatever.

I'm positive this guy's found his way onto poeTV before. Or possibly Poe News.
pressed peanut sweepings
He was on Poe News some months ago, and was similarly ridiculed.

My favorite part is the Youtube tags. SWINE FLU DEATH CAMP is my new favorite band name.
From the preload image I was expecting another boring Onion News video.

I was pleasantly surprised.
This is just what we're telling Alaska so they'll leave. "No dudes we're all leaving. You go first. You're so tough, you gotta show us how it's done. Lookit Texas. They hella wanna go. Just go. Watch out for Putin!"
petro-ruble indeed
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