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Desc:The British Choral Version
Category:Trailers, Classic TV Clips
Tags:BBC, british, Blink 182
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Comment count is 11
I love this.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Do you have to appreciate shit like Blink 182 to find this funny?
No, that's why it IS funny.

Oh, those weird British people. What ever will they do next?
I'd give it more stars if I could. Guess there's a reason for the limit at 5.

I'd like to watch this series. I tried Pirate Bay, You Tube, BBC One, and anything else I could think of. All I could find was snips. I live in the US. As I understand it, BBC blocks non-UK IPs from viewing. Is there some way I can download or view all six episodes?
nvm. finally found them on youtube.

James Woods
This is fucking awful. I hate watching people try to emote enjoyment.
About as funny as acoustic versions of rap songs played on YouTube by dudes with streaks in their hair.

Also, minus infinity stars because the performance in the video seems fake, it sounds like the actual recording was like 4 people in a studio with the tracks doubled a few times.
and it's not even arranged for SSBB what the hell. even as kitch, this fails completely

i still have much love for you irishwhiskey

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