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Desc:This is another video about Cleveland
Tags:cleveland, promotional video, crippling depression
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The Townleybomb
Made me want to go....
gives me an excuse to post: http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=55526

the Cleve'
The Flats totally look like a Scooby-doo ghost town. A most perfect observation.
Yeah, that's pretty much it.
As a former Cleveland resident, I have to say this is dead on.
I've never been, yet five doesn't seem enough for this.
As a current Cleveland resident, I'd like to thank them for sugar coating it. It really is much worse.
Invincible Iron Iconoclast
Cleveland is Detroit?

Caminante Nocturno
Dayton is so much nicer.
Syd Midnight
My favorite art exhibit in Cleveland was when a vandal spraypainted a picture of Chief Wahoo puffing on a marijuana pipe labeled "SMOKE'EM TRIBE" on a cement column at Dead Man's Curve, so that everyone driving on 90 west had to look at it. It was up there for like 3 years.

90 east had a giant billboard with nazis holding jews at gunpoint labeled "THIS IS A ZIONIST BILLBOARD" for like 15 years.
The Cleveland Museum of Art is actually pretty awesome.

Rodents of Unusual Size
holy shit. Why the fuck didn't the city take that down?

I just moved to Ohio (Columbus) a couple weeks ago and everyone here has told me Cleveland is a shithole.

Syd Midnight
Columbus has a good hippie/college district, and doesn't have a gigantic filthy lake.

I live in Columbus, and I've never thought Cleveland was THAT bad. Or maybe I just have fond memories of driving up there for events occasionally, and getting to see Mitch Hedberg live has left my view of the city rose-colored.

I learn a lot about Cleveland from these videos. That's something at least.
Menudo con queso
The Cleveland Chamber of Commerce actually has a hit contract out on this guy.
So you might say they're pretty "steamed", eh?



Come to think of it I've only seen the sun once in Cleveland, the day I left
It IS the city that looks best in your rear view mirror.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I really feel sorry for the people that made this if they indeed have to live in Cleveland.
seriously though detroit sucks ass
Meatsack Jones
The other day, channel 5 news here was very polite and upset that this was made. They thought the "people who made it should come here and see that we really have a great city".


All in the same bland tones that segue from 3rd world atrocities to "Cooking with Pam!".
Our main export is crippling depression!
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