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Desc:Tight rocker pants prevents a full extension on his roundhouse.
Tags:fight, white people, agent white, the 90s, rocker pants
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Comment count is 14
Mike Tyson?!
Needs white people tag right now.
That's just sad.
Turn down your volume if you're wearing headphones, at least if you don't want blood coming out of your noise holes.
Killer Joe
Thanks for the heads up

Brings to mind a NOFX song: "El Lay"

Get out of my way,
can't you see I'm from L.A.?
Yeah, I met Slash, I've got a rose tattoo
I bet I know way more people than you

I just love this town,
My girlfriend 84 pounds
And works at the Cathouse where I get in for free
She pays the rent while I watch tv

When we go out tonight,
Gotta get my hair just right
Tight black pants and blue suede shoes
I'll get my picture in Rock City News

Gotta get those flyers out,
Might meet a talent scout
And he will talk contracts with me
My fame and fortune and MTV

Rock City News...
Lauritz Melchior
A couple of thoughts:

Guy in white pants was wearing cowboy boots?

Looks like guy in white pants had a Hitler mustache.

Reminds me of a scene from one of my favorite MST3K episodes ever: Werewolf.
The pool bar scene.
Dan Hibiki is real.



Rape Van Winkle
Five stars for:

"I'm gonna stop this fight."

"OH no you're not."

wtf japan
Stand back, junior. You don't want no white-hot karate action. Trust me.

what the hell was with that gay little back kick?
I can feel it coming over me
I can feel it around me
Everyone in this video is dead now.
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