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Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:speech, obama, 2009, white house correspondents dinner
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"An approximation of the truth". Or as a past speaker once referred to it, 'Truthiness'.

Wow! This is just amazing!
Pretty weak after the first minute or so.
9:07 was solid gold, though.

"Following President Obama: Comedian Wanda Sykes."
Black presidents be all using the power of the executive branch like this, and white presidents be all using the power of the executive branch like THIS.

Uh, after the first minute he gets a pretty sick burn on Cheney. So you're officially stupid.

The "shooting in the face" jokes were old a week after the incident.

There are going to be so many youtube rap songs from the "In The Heezy" bit. I look forward to it.
I look forward to the impotent rage on Fox News and talk radio tomorrow morning.

Funnier than most actual comedians. Which is incredibly faint praise, especially when you're followed by Wanda Sykes. But he actually was pretty funny.
Hooray for our intentionally funny president!
And his writer corps!

He wasn't as on as he was for the Alfred E. Smith dinner, but I still liked it.
Mayberry Pancakes
I actually thought his delivery here was a lot better, even if the jokes weren't always as good.

I wouldn't laugh at these jokes if Jay Leno told them, I'm not going to laugh just because Obama's telling them. The teleprompter bit was decent.
Is it wrong to love him this much? Personally?

Maybe its because our last president was such a disgracfully vapid nothing of a nobody.
I know what you mean if if Bush 43 had anything it was a little charimsa when it came to bullshitting and shooting the shit, even if it wasn't your particular style. I knew guys like that in college and they were the best to go drinking with, but of course you don't really want them in charge of anything.

Obama meeting Captain Hook.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Now tell the joke about how Bush is living the life of a free man along with all his criminal buddies.
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