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Desc:Simply too gangsta for 73Q.
Category:Humor, Arts
Tags:4poundz, autotune, gunfire as an instrument
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Comment count is 9
Oh shit this guy lives up near me kind of.

is it too early to say this is the current generation's "the shaggs"?
This is the HOLLA HOLLA GET DOLLAZ kid from that Counterstrike video, isn't it.
the constant gunshot noises pushed this into a 5 star video.
It's amazing what you can do with music production software these days.
I refuse to believe this kid is over the age of 12, or will ever be.
The accent is just foreign enough to let me believe that this is the work of some Hmong kid just on the verge of puberty whose only parents/family/authority figure of any kind is the grandfather he stays with who had his arms cut off by the Viet Cong and hardly ever speaks except when he's cleaning his rifle with his tongue and feet and even then it's just unintelligible snatches of military English, whorehouse French, and weird animal grunts of pain. He's latched onto hip hop and youtube as his only way of communicating coherently with other human beings but he barely even knows what individual words mean so he writes a page of gibberish about weed and donked Chevies and bitches who don't want dick they want dick when all he is trying to say is that he's discovered he's in love with a boy and he doesn't know how he's going to tell Grandpa.

or maybe he's just doing sort of a caribbean accent
The Mothership
Really needs the doom tag.
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