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Desc:Roger Ebert; “Whether this is a bad, good or great film is entirely beside the point.'
Category:Trailers, Horror
Tags:sadism, Willem Dafoe, lars von trier, despair, talking fox
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Comment count is 22
heard it was good. is it getting a wide release?

'Nature is Satan's church' is the best line since 'What have you done to its eyes?'
Lauritz Melchior
Ooh. I just saw that movie last night!

Reference taken!

a few more quotes from reviewers;

“Lars von Trier cuts a big fat art-film fart with Antichrist“, "goes beyond malevolence into the monstrous", “easily one of the biggest debacles in Cannes Film Festival history", “elicited derisive laughter, gasps of disbelief, a smattering of applause and loud boos”, “amateurishly awful", "Antichrist is fucked up. In a good way? Or in a bad way? Even I don’t know the answer to that question", “you’ll have to see this movie to believe it.”

i dunno... looks pretty scary

I'd be disappointed if a Lars von Triar movie didn't illicit that short of reaction.

I may lack the courage to spend the weekend in a secluded cabin with Willem Dafoe, but I am all about seeing a movie about it.
Ranma X.
I think no matter how scary, brutal, or fearsome nature is portrayed in the movie, I wouldn't be surprised if Willem Defoe is the most frightening thing in the whole picture.

Looks great. The only von Trier I've really hated was Kingdom 2 and Manderlay.
I would add to that list Dogville. I hate that fucking movie.
But Trier did a great job with Medea and I always wished he'd try his hand at more mythical horror stuff.

You're wrong, Dogville was brilliant.

I loved Dogville but I could see why some might consider it pretentious.

As opposed to Breaking the Waves and Dancer in the Dark. Anybody who hated those movies is stupid.

no you're wrong dogville /= brill

maybe your name should be DURCHIE
like DURR I'm Lurchi because I like dogville

shut up GAYLEEN

I'm gonna have to disagree about Kingdom 2, what with the zombie juice and big-baby Udo Kier. Maybe the one thing I didn't like about Kingdom 2 was that it ended in multiple cliffhangers and Kingdom 3 didn't get made.

Nymphomaniac wasn't very good. Sometimes he goes to the same well too often.

Lars von AWESOME
Oh man... I have GOT to subject myself to this movie.
better link to the same video with HD available

Am I right in thinking it's about Dafoe screwing his sister?

They have shockingly similar facial features?

Obviously this would produce the aforementioned anti-christ.
You just made Willem Defoe creepier, which means he now knows your face just by closing his eyes.

And I just misspelled his name, which means I'm going to die soon. Dammit.

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