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Desc:Another awesomely ridiculous vehicle. We almost used these to fight the Nazis.
Category:Science & Technology, Stunts
Tags:Tractor, insane vehicle design, wtf michigan, giant drills
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We almost used these against the Nazis, and the Nazis were working on their own version at the end of the war. Apparently, the Russians used something similar in the 60s and 70s to recover cosmonauts that landed way out in the boonies.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Not sure I see an advantage over a tracked vehicle, but it works well.
Foolish Motorcycle Accident
Turning radius, for one. It also looks like it might have better traction.

It's probably much lighter than tracks but the sheer amount of friction this generates probably isn't any useful on anything but snow.

here's video of the russian one from the 60's

Man! He beat the shit out of that horse.

Cool vehicle.
Oh no! Old Timey Snowmobliers!

Holy SHIT. 7:55 really kicks the awesome factor into another dimension. I want one of these. I want one of these now, and I want to drive around in it dressed exactly like that man.
Screwmobiles for all!

I wonder what this technology would do on water (I know, sink, but you know what I mean), and what if you could build one with the screws the size of tanker trucks that ate buildings for fuel... do you guys like jousting at all?
Apparently some dudes in Scandinavia have been doing that for a while - they work pretty well as a boat and they can climb onto muddy shores fairly well. They make pretty good fishing boats, I hear.

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