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Desc:zjcfhgf puts on a maid mask.
Category:Fashion, Horror
Tags:mask, maid, SFW fetish, zjcfhgf
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Comment count is 20
why the fuck do these people always shot these videos in some creepy ass hallway?
Jet Bin Fever
Hallways are a symbol of transition, much as a mask transitions a chubby man to a BEAUTIFUL LADY.

Every room in the house is full of Evidence.

Caminante Nocturno
I was thinking of you when I submitted this...

Frank Rizzo
The uncanny valley is just another salad dressing to some people.
Time travel fucking BOOM. Yours.

'Lo, Teen Maid!
a flaming monkey
horror personified

"zjcfhgf" was the sound coming from my throat as it advanced on the camera
This is probably the best mask I've seen him use. From far away and through the bottom of a glass of brandy it looks like a real girl. All the rest of those masks are like "HEYLOOKATMYSEXYTEETH".
so, in a sense by watching these, we are becoming experts on this fetish and can recognize top latex mask fetishists?

Much in the same way that you become an expert on medicine by reading prescription labels, yes.

5 stars for my instant recognition of his hallway and the chills that were sent down my spine.
I find this disturbing, but then again the maid fetish in Japan disturbs me as well. A lot of things about Japan disturb me.
Think of how I feel. I live in this fool's country. Fuck, man.
I assume when he says he will be 'suspending it in the summer to make masks,' he is referring to the lotion-soaked woman in his basement pit, whom he will be hanging upside down and skinning in order to make the perfect womansuit.
The Mothership
Look at the beautiful bride!
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