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Desc:Short and sweet. William Shatner can't help himself.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:William Shatner, the critic, james caan, short and sweet
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Comment count is 17
poopskin - 2009-06-30
...those days back when Family Guy was funny
MongoMcMichael - 2009-06-30
I can't really say it was anything like 'Family Guy'. 'The Critic's pop-culture references weren't only rooted in the characters' personalities, but they were also facilitated by the fact that the lead character was a film critic, thereby allowing a viable avenue for aforementioned references.

'Family Guy' is more just the Griffin family making random asides that are neither rooted in character nor allotted for by the show's context.

poopskin - 2009-06-30
my point exactly :)

fluffy - 2009-06-30
Seth MacFarlane definitely owes a lot of his humor to The Critic, in any case. Even when Family Guy was vaguely funny it borrowed heavily from both style and substance, and look at his pre-FG shorts as well.

Of course, today, MacFarlane's "humor" is just a ridiculous caricature of itself, all the aspects which made it at all likable having been whittled away. The cream filling might be the best part of an Oreo, but you still need the cookies to make it worthwhile.

spikestoyiu - 2009-06-30
Don't you EVER badmouth creme filling ever again, do you understand me?

kamlem - 2009-06-30
I think the memories of Shatner's frantic 911 call when his wife was drowning in a swimming pool take the edge off the joke.
Caminante Nocturno - 2009-06-30

voodoo_pork - 2009-06-30

Caminante Nocturno - 2009-06-30
FUN FACT: I knew William Shatner as the host of Rescue 911 before I knew him as Captain Kirk.
MongoMcMichael - 2009-06-30
Next week, on 'Caminante's Fun Facts about Himself'...

Toenails - 2009-06-30
...you hear him say: "Once Carol Channing came in our house to use the bathroom (I was hiding in the shower at the time)...."

manfred - 2009-06-30
You are 11 years old

chumbucket - 2009-06-30
how about TJ?

Man Who Fights Like Woman - 2009-07-03
Hey, me too!

Camonk - 2009-06-30
That was a very transparent set up of a funny joke.
thebaronsdoctor - 2009-06-30
It's the face twitch that really makes the joke.
j lzrd / swift idiot - 2009-06-30
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