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Desc:Cunning plan, yada yada yada
Category:Humor, Stunts
Tags:Parkour, Teenagers, haha, dude you ok, Darwin wept
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Comment count is 14
Tuan Jim - 2009-07-06
darwin wept?
dementomstie - 2009-07-06
I guess because this guy is still able to produce children because he hasn't injured any valuable parts yet? Other than brain cells.

Pillager - 2009-07-06
Pretty much.

It's amazing that for all the stupid things people do, it doesn't prevent their breeding.

HankFinch - 2009-07-06
Darwin's not crying, it's just allergies.

TinManic - 2009-07-06
more like parcan't! amirite!?
Hooper_X - 2009-07-06

zatojones - 2009-07-06

Dr Dim - 2009-07-06
There's something much more comical about screwing up by running into things unassisted than on a bike or skateboard.
kingarthur - 2009-07-06
step step step WONK!
Camonk - 2009-07-06
He was doing so well up to that point, too.
8bitwintermute - 2009-07-06
Perfect.. Perfect.. Perfect.. CLUNK
Umaro - 2009-07-06
Maybe its a sign that Parkour is dumb.
Desidiosus - 2009-07-06
It is gravity saying, "You think you can beat me? FUCK YOU BUDDY!"

Big Beef Burritos Supreme - 2009-07-06
Always funnier when it's the balls.
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