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Desc:An essential weapons production project.
Category:Military, Humor
Tags:dragon, The Onion, sauron, government spending
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infinite zest
unfortunately the link reminded me that 500 Days of Summer is coming to a theatre near me
Ironically the US has invested alot of money in some pretty fanciful and unpractical military projects. They just never did it with this much style.
If the soviets made this the US would have to upgrade their goat starers to dragon starers.
Words cannot express my dissapointment that nowhere in the video itself is any measure of reference made to Gamera.
Five bucks says Gamera could take that tank out.

That's not Gamera! That is clearly Ghidorah, and furthermore, a Ghidorah with only ONE HEAD.

It's a lousy Destoroyah. Or possibly a Gyaos.

Gamora is my boyfriend.
Daddy can I have a coke?

-1 one for not fully committing, the Washington monument behind the General didn't have an All Seeing Eye.
Look, I understand trimming the fat on projects that are never going to get finished. But since we already have the eye can't we just keep it up there?
fucking. AWESOME
Still waiting for Jet Jaguar...
j lzrd / swift idiot
The nuclear bomb.
Syd Midnight
"Cyberarmor so if one of your troops gets shot their body continues to attack the enemy while rock music plays" is the best weapon ever and I would be totally okay with raising taxes to develop it.
The Dragon Tank won't get canceled. Parts of it are built in 39 states, and the scales alone are sourced from 93 different Congressional districts.
obama fears dragons
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