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Xenocide - 2009-07-18

Stars for catagory.

Tuan Jim - 2009-07-18


kiint - 2009-07-18

pure talent, there

THA SUGAH RAIN - 2009-07-18

Bring your kids in on Tuesday for wings and this ditzy girl will ride an upside stool while she fills dad's beer. The food is great, but the memories will last a lifetime.

RomancingTrain - 2009-07-18

That is a lousy trick. You can only see her tits a third of the time.

Louis Armstrong - 2009-07-18

I got something she can sit on.

HankFinch - 2009-07-18

Is it a penis?

Aelric - 2009-07-18

No. God, no, you perv, it's an armchair!

Infamous - 2009-07-19

Which is attached to said penis.

simon666 - 2009-07-19

Nah, it's a stool, but with legs made of dildos.

poorwill - 2009-07-19

And by 'stool' he means 'lfeces'. That's right, poeTV, a log of feces with dildos for legs. Crawling around like a centipede. Anyway, that's what she's supposed to sit on. Ride 'em cowboy.

chairsforcheap - 2009-07-19

now i'm REALLY turned on!

Louis Armstrong - 2009-07-19

no, if I meant that I would have said I got some centipede with dildos thats made of shit to ride.

Since you all need to interpret this, i got a rollercoaster.

Its made of dildos, vibrators, feathers, fur, and some ice that has to be replaced every fifteen minutes. Its a pretty badass ride.

dementomstie - 2009-07-18

That's nothing. The same station that covered the "Michael Jackson Miracle Sighting" story that's on here once broadcasted their sports segments live from a Hooters and had three or four girls doing this all at the same time.
Great Moments In News!

RomancingTrain - 2009-07-18

Did the news people realize how fully they had fallen or were they just happy to get free wings and a show?

kiint - 2009-07-18

it's kind of the same thing

dementomstie - 2009-07-19

it was the sports reporter, he seemed to be enjoying himself.

Andonyx - 2009-07-19

That's WGN Chicago.

This is actually my favorite morning news. Larry Potash, the anchor has moved up to the more serious noon news. That sports guy is now a co-anchor.

Every day they make jokes about how awful the show is and how low rent the show is treated by management. Yes they make the jokes, but every day their eyes get a little deader.

Huskerdu324 - 2009-07-19

Pretty sure the station manager is Snoop Dog.

snothouse - 2009-07-19

The other women at the station looked thrilled!

Jimmy Labatt - 2009-07-19

+5 for camel toe.

StanleyPain - 2009-07-19

Wow, that's sure worth paying for a basket of wings for!

Hooker - 2009-07-19

I had some spiel about how, if nothing else, at least Vancouver hasn't crossed the Hooters barrier of cultural bad taste, but it turns out there's one downtown. :(

Hooker - 2009-07-19

Hot, it closed down due to lack of business. Back to pretending I'm better than the rest of you.

Camonk - 2009-07-19

That's cause there's four people in Vancouver, not because none of them are pervs.

PegLegPete - 2009-07-19

I saw a girl do that at the hooters here in Germany, but I don't think she poured a beer while doing it.

SharoKham - 2009-07-19

You're in Germany, and you bother going to Hooters?

You have a heroic commitment to the color orange.

Kumquatxop - 2009-07-19

I fucking LOVE that the screen it immediately cuts to says "WINGS FOR KIDS!!"

Bort - 2014-12-02

Ever see a Hooters girl buck with a pitcher of beer ... and not spill a drop?

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