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Desc:Farewell, Barth. He's braining angels with frying pans in heaven now.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Les Lye, YCDTOTV, Barth, I heard that, Zilch
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Comment count is 13
Wow, Mrs. Slocolmbe, the Taco Bell Chihuahua and now Barth, it's true what they say about celebrity deaths coming in threes.
More like in tens of hundreds. Everybody is dying everywhere. Take care crossing the street. Honestly, this one hits closer to home than MJ every did.

i work with a woman who looks just like him, filthy wise. she is the chef for the deli.
needs more moose
Burgers will be served as his funeral.

You can figure out the rest of the joke on your own.
Herr Matthias
I heard that

5 stars for the both of you.

You can divvy it up on your own.

Albuquerque Halsey
Zilch sucked. The Scrappy-Doo of YCDTOT
20 years and I still laugh at this.

The Netherworld waiting room is going to be very interesting now!
I'm assuming this is Canadian.
And I'm assuming you are too young to remember this. It played in the States too.

Somehow managed to miss the entire Zilchian era (weird, I watched this show a bunch as a kid) and finding out about it now is...conflicting: at that age---like 10-12 years old---seeing a guy get whacked upside the head with a frying pan = comedy gold. On the other hand, Barth Jr. = no.

Either way though, RIP Barth.
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