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Desc:Learn all about the Turbo Encabulator and how to troubleshoot it.
Category:Educational, Classic Movies
Tags:Turbo, chrysler, encabulator
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This man channels Lewis Carrol.
These things are great. I've had to use them many times when operating nofer trunnions.
male or female?

Neuter mostly. The male nofer trunnions counteract the inverse reactive current with capacitively coupled variable reluctance. So there is little effect when mated with the turboencabulator. Conversely, the admittance of the female trunnions would be exactly 70 deg out of phase with the male due to the high k-value found in the gallium boride magneto flux windings. This only requires encabulation 43% of the time.

Caminante Nocturno
Tell someone that you want one of these for your birthday.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
"Well, now that we know how it works..."

What makes me feel guilty is that this how regular technology is to the baffled. We should take care of the technologically impaired people in our lives who drive with warning lights on or manage to download browser toolbars without blinking.

Or, you know, laugh like the bastards that we are.
If I ran an auto shop I would make every new employee watch this, telling them they would be quizzed on it at the end.
"You will be directed to run a series of tests that will increase the billable hours for the service department, but serve no other useful function."

They did an abrupt shift from bullshit to brutal honesty right at the end there didn't they?
Oh, and:


Since you will not find it through the tags.

Son of Slam
"It's a simple head code. Anyone can catch it"
I gotta head code ride now. *coughcough*

I had fun watching this with my wife and acting like I understood what was being said. Even better, she believed me.

The UP end of the gramulator? MotherFUCKER. Well that makes sense.
"All other faults should be treated as if they do not exist."

I can't wait to diagnose an ash tray!
This is what it sounds like when I try to explain greek derivative options.
dingle arm
"Refer to the turbo encabulator diagnostic procedures and songbook."
Juice Eggs McKenna
I can't believe "modial interaction of magneto reluctance" isn't a linked tag.
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