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Desc:They built the best level from MW1 into MP. Now, you can get the 'Be an AC130 Gunner' perk.
Category:Video Games, Trailers
Tags:multiplayer, infinity ward, Call of Duty 6, AC-130, Modern Warfare 2
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Comment count is 16
I will purchase this game to continue my love affair with being a silenced-MP5 UAV-jamming dickhead, but I will be displeased if the multiplayer shell still consists of BEEP BOOP FOUND GAME YOU HAVE VOLUNTEERED TO JOIN TEAM RETARD ON LEVEL RAPE NO YOU CANNOT CANCEL.
infinite zest
what's the deal with this game? How come you're fighting in a greenhouse and office?
These are the questions you get when you strive for realism.

But Builders League United vs Reliable Excavation & Demolition, pushing a bomb on a cart to the end of a water filtration plant? Who gives a shit!?

Because this isn't your daddy's war, you sissy!

infinite zest
hmm.. still, who thinks it's a good idea to hide out in a greenhouse?

potheads...who consiquently are the biggest target audience

Because the game is called Modern Warfare, and all of our modern wars are wars of imperialism and occupation.

infinite zest
he really didn't have to destroy that potted plant at :55

SolRo: Did you seriously just write "Consisquently?"

Protip: You will be dead from some savant on the other team doing a jumping spin in the middle of a smoke screen as he winds up to blindly toss a grenade halfway across the map to bounce off 3 stairwells to perfectly nail you LONG before you get to use this.
Grace Mugabe

William Burns
Looks like a fun vidya game.
i agree with this comment

fucking awesome is more like it

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