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Desc:Released as a teaser for the final season. They're not even trying to get new viewers anymore.
Category:Advertisements, Humor
Tags:fried chicken, what, lost, Jorge Garcia
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Comment count is 17
Huh? Guess I should watch Lost at some point...
its one of those things that have progressed so far, i feel too far behind to try to catch up.

classic fat kid running the track, ya know but intellectually.

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Put it this way, it's basically a really slow soap opera - the plot has no beginning or end, it just goes on and on and tediously on whilst the writers try and milk its ambiguity.

There is nothing to catch up on that you can't pick up in a single eight hour episode.

Lost has a lot of plot twists so the danger of putting it off, if you are thinking of watching it, is that people will spoil it for you.

Also don't watch it with BBBS, he'll probably talk through the whole thing.

Well I don't know about Lost, but I could go for some chicken.
So those were supposed to be stand ins for Kate, Micheal and Walt, and Locke right? Was the guy in the shirt Jack? Did anyone catch any numbers for the prices? I wonder if this is supposed to be the alternate timeline that comes from the plane not crashing due to the Swan being irradiated? And wouldn't the earlier events including the meeting with Toomey's widow have happened? If so, why would Hurley say he had good luck when...

...oh god. I'm one of THEM!
Rodents of Unusual Size
I was guessing this was filmed before he went to the island or possibly when he came back right after. An alternate timeline would cause the fans to pull a Hatch.

I think the "bad luck" thing is the clue that this is something instead of rather than before the events of the show.

I have a co worker who's horribly addicted to Lost.

While I'm trying to get things done, she's glued to screen just sitting there like a zombie.

j lzrd / swift idiot
I should watch Lost more.
This show is still going?
It's been officially stated that this will be the last season.

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Isn't it like the last season of the Simpsons too?

You know damn well they're taunting the audience with promises of closure, but there's nothing they can offer that will satisfy its cachet of conspiracy theorist like viewers, never mind manage to pull off something believable.

It will have like four last seasons and they'll never tie up the ends because they might bring it back in the future. Thing is like the Prisoner in the Bermuda Triangle; a delicious (boring) mystery that's (unfortunately for the autists,) better left unsolved.

God, the amount of psuedo-scientific batshittery I've sat through whilst people discuss their super clever theories on what it is.

No, this is the last season.

This is the last season. "Flashforward" is (supposedly) going to take its place as the next big thing.

Fat chance, I say.

That was pretty great.
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