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Desc:Dr. Strangelove
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:peter sellers, dr strangelove, Precious Bodily Fluids, Fluoridation
Submitted:Man Who Fights Like Woman
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Comment count is 15
None of you fuckers give this less than 5 stars.
Jeff Fries

NO. You don't get to import old shit. Come up with something new or get off the pot.

Syd Midnight
Oh god, you're not from PoE, are you. Look, this is black comedy. It's how normal human beings deal with terror. The same basic plot in "Failsafe" makes us all sad and tearful and stressed, but this is catharsis.

Besides, you'll learn more about an era from its satire than its documentaries.

You, your grandfather and your grandfather's friend can go to fucking retard hell.

wtf japan
Go fluoridate yourself, Jeff.


Baby Finster
POE: Purity of Essence.
I! Can! WALK!
This is quite possibly the greatest film ever made
Sorry, you're forgetting Teen Witch.

Five stars for even mentioning Teen Witch, that's how fucking great that movie is.

You mean you don't already own this on DVD or at least have an .avi file of it somewhere??

Back in the day when I worked in a movie theatre, we did a big revival festival and this was one of the movies we had. I had enough sway there as a projectionist to be able to do private screenings by invitation after the theatre closed for the night (alcohol and other recreational substances were an optional part of the experience as long as you cleaned up after yourself to the point where there was no trace the next day) which resulted in everybody boozed up and/or stoned and singing along at the end of the movie. Ah, memories...

Well at least that raving faggot Jeff didn't give this one star this time. Like he does to other awesome movies.

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