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Desc:and claim that they were 'assaulted'
Tags:Libertarians, Free Staters, fedora
Submitted:Pope Caius
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Comment count is 52
Middle school is definitely the libertarians' target audience. Fuck you dad, you can't tell me what to do!
I dunno, most kids have stopped believing in fairy tales by that age.

it is when the delusions of grandure start though.

"Another angry crossing guard"

Yeah, i'm not sure you're running into randomly pre-angered crossing guards. You may want to take a look at your behavior first, fellas.
what petty, small-minded bullies these punks are
Fredoras are the new swastika armbands

The viewer response on this video has restored a little faith in humanity:

Like 45
Dislike 1,558

On balance, the comments seem to be against the Fedorarati, with their booster pretty much resorting to calling people names and questioning their sexuality. Libertarianism at its finest.

MacGyver Style Bomb
So much concentrated, self-righteous douche in this video.
One of the few commentators that supports these turds says, "WHEN PARASITES ATTACK!"
For full disclosure I am from Keene and these guys are dickheads.
Could you do a public service and tar and feather these fucks?

... and could you film it too?

Honest questions: What happens to people that makes them act/talk to others this way? What is up with that fucking fedora inflection?

Gang up and needle a 70 year old lady volunteering to keep kids safe. Jesus...
Trust fund ennui.

"Trust fund ennui"

Amazing. It's as if they actually put a ton of effort into being obnoxious. What will get our political points widely recognized and accepted? Harass middle school children when their parents aren't present, and bully elderly women. And film and share it. Was there no time to find a basket of puppies to kick?
Right wing media has based the past 30+ years on the premise that "not being a pussy" is the core of the conservative/libertarian adherent. From the 2nd amendment to saying "turn their country into a parking lot," the way to show people how correct your stance is to hit them over the head with it, sometimes literally.

Couple this with a frustration at erosions of white male privilege, and you get this bullshit as a response.

Typical right wing libertarians, they are OK with privacy violation so long as they get to be the violators.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I was going to comment on the irony of this but you beat me to it.

I had to stop this half way through due to my overwhelming disgust. Ugh.

God I wanted these guys to get run over so bad.
there is no go. you have to do these things yourself.

Go's not dead (he's surely alive)

He's so dead that his name is starting to vanish

pressed peanut sweepings
Thanks for the happy lols.

Jack Jammer
A surprise guest appearance by the "Pepper"? Just when I thought it couldn't get any better.
I stopped being surprised by the depths to which under-30s of this stupid ideology sink. They've entered into the Westboro Baptist Church area of "this is the price of free speech" resigned hopelessness to me.
These people are dumber than the ones paying to see that "there is no god" movie.
"You guys think you are so great! But you're just jerks."

I couldn't have said it better than that.
That's all that needs saying of the Libertarian movement, really.

Sudan no1
five billion stars for that line.

The Mothership
who does things like this?
These guys sound like cops with their "She swung her sign a short distance from me, that's assault!!" bullshit.
Sanest Man Alive
I'm a little disappointed she didn't slash their throats with that stop sign, unless crossing guards stopped carrying metal ones at some point. I don't think anyone who witnessed the altercation would have admonished her for it.

It's nice to see crossing guards showing more restraint than actual cops.

Way to stand up to Big Government by ganging up on one of the lowest-paid members of the school system. And that's if she's being paid at all-- most crossing guards are volunteers.
Maybe she's secretly a corrupt millionaire ceo involved with government stuff and she also pretends to help children cross a busy street for 1 hour a year.

These guys are HEROES.

I was too angry/ashamed to watch the whole video. Why exactly are they filming them?
what the hell did the banner say that they were holding?


Not that I didn't already hate libertarians, but I sure would if I hadn't seen this.

I think I'm projecting.
Also my grandpa was a crossing guard in the sunset years of his able-to-work years. I remember a story about some guy who flipped him a bird while I was doing it. I was scandalized. Anyways, crossing guards, guys? CROSSING GUARDS? Suck your assholes out of your bodies and into your throats please.

I guess every generation's cluster of dimwit fuckface assholes needs to express itself in a new, edgy way? Like when I was in high school (turn o' the 90s), these stupid kids were sticking it to the maaaaaaan in a way more "informed" by 60s counterculture, but they were kind of the same brand of fucktard idiots, if you follow me. "OH MY GOD DO YOU NOT SEE THROUGH THIS SHITTY FACADE?" Yes you little plastic person I saw through it when I was seven. That tragedy's been on the fucking books. The only live tragedy I see is some dimwit asshole who thinks this is going to improve anything for anyone. I mean, ok, you'll all go fuck each other in congratulatory fashion after this, sure, I'll grant you that, but consider this: that only means you get to fuck each other, and you all fucking suck. "Perhaps by ridiculing someone they'll finally be brought to the light, because I think all it takes is a moment of clarity? or something." And then that job at the goddamn AM/PM never gets replaced by anything else and good for them I hope they find the brand of cigarettes with the most tar because of freedom. Go die.

Video was ok. Didn't elicit much of a response, personally.

Cold light of morning: be careful with that cheap wine.

Yeah dude, I saw you posting this late last night and wanted to comment, but I didn't want to set you off if you were having a moment or something.


Rodents of Unusual Size
Crossing guards think they are so great, saving people from accidents. Someone should do something.

It's nice to see even the Youtube commenters savaging these guys as well
Snapple fact: 85% of all GoPro cameras are sold to Libertarians.

If there was a God, these dudes would get beat up on a daily basis.
I'd bet they did get beat up, hence why they're resorting to harassing middleschoolers and old ladies instead.

If I was a school crossing guard and saw these douches filming kids and giving them pamphlets, you can bet there would be a problem.
ugh... five...
Jet Bin Fever
Someone's grandma just wants to get out of the house every day to prolong her life and give back to the community. She shouldn't have to deal with this dumb bullshit.
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