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Desc:A creationist lays down some mothafuckin' physics on yo ass.
Category:Religious, Science & Technology
Tags:Creationist, Big Bang, white people, A Rock Exploded
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Comment count is 15
So much stupid.
The stupid, it hurts.

The stupid, it burns us.

This woman is so boring that nobody even bothers trollin the comments of her video in youtube.
The solar system created by a rock that exploded. You heard it here first.

Still, she's not a YEC, so I'm not complaining. If she kept the accent to herself she could pass for the owner of a successful NY art gallery.
Mike Tyson?!
Son of Slam
Does Solar Tungsten ever come to POETV? 'Cause I want to hear his head melting.
Once you accept that maybe the Creation story only refers to the Solar System, and maybe God just sat around doing nothing for 4.54 billion years (a number I haven't heard since before the Hubble, but what's an extra 10 billion years of sitting around waiting to make something worthwhile like the Earth when you're a deity), you might as well pack it in and start worshiping Darwin like the scientists do.

It's either God made Adam out of clay from a riverbank on a Saturday morning so Adam could mow the lawn for Him, or dinosaurs were real and man is a monkey. You can't have it halfway, lady.
Facts from the Big Book of I Reckon
Cutting edge research from the University of I Read Somethin' Once and Wuz Thinkin'

But that's... It doesn't... but back there you said... Where'd that come... I... you... huh duh wha?

It's like she read her coles notes version of the bible along with science facts for kids printed on the placemat at Denny's, and over her lunch she tried to make the two fit together. That's the best explanation I can give for the drivel she whined out.
For about 45% of the US that's the only way to do it:

http://www.gallup.com/poll/21814/evolution-creationism-intelli gent-design.aspx

Classic example of someone who is either incapable of critical thinking or unwilling to do so.
Does she have the AC running full fucking blast right next to her mic?
that is the sound of her vacuum stupidity gushing past

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