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Desc:nightmare fuel, pure grade A
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:furry, mask, the fly, nightmare fuel, stop looking at me
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Comment count is 21
The Mothership
You are all weirdos!
Some stars for you.

It's funny how one sentence can make something go from "creepy" to "hilarious, while still being creepy"

Nightmare fuel?!?!?! This man is a PATRIOT.

well I will admit he bears a passing resemblance to Sam the Eagle when in full regalia

White people.
Where would this be without the interwebs?
Adham Nu'man
I'm pretty sure bluejays don't have nipples.
is he wearing some kind of freaky contact lenses?
More like high octane idiot juice.
Tuan Jim
Jesus Christ, can you imagine that guy staring at you for a time, tilting his head and then opening his mouth soundlessly?

I would run.

Unless I was cornered.

Either way, it's fight or flight at that point.
He'd take flight before you.

Shouldn't he be making some bird noises?
And picking worms?

If he's anything like the bluejays in my area, he should be eating bright red berries and then shitting berry pits onto my car.

thats in the next video

Operation Cornflakes
Eagleman would kick its ass.
No features are distinguishable, so the real horror is this man could be working along side you ever day and you just don't know.
Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
You got to acknowledge his talent.. whether he's using it for a movie or pecking bird seed of a fat losers basement carpet.

What really gets to me is the way he opens and closes his mouth (beak?), as though gasping for air.
I don't like the way he stares at me.
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