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Desc:My (sexy) contribution for Sumo Week.
Category:Sports, Humor
Tags:Japan, sumo, oh japan, hostess, sumo week
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Tuan Jim
I just,

from the bunny suit to the close ups of the granny gym shorts to the whole "cute girl wedgie-violated by a fat sumo woman" thing...

Man, I'm pretty sure going back into the ring after you've lost to slap the woman who stole your dignity is against the rules.

Unmerciful Crushing Force
They're hostesses. They get paid ridiculous amounts by drunken salaryman to have some chit-chat and, if the price is high enough, casual sex. We're talking like 0/400-in-your-pocket-nightly.

Yet they get all giddy over going on a sumo competition and winning 00.

And the first gal takes classical ballet and studied abroad in Sweden...

Good christ this country depresses me sometimes.

That settles it. I am going to Japan with boatloads of money and my giant American penis.

I want to make love to Japan, not to it's people per-se, but the whole country.

Not surprisingly, this is the first result on YouTube if you search using the kanji for sumo.

Elvis Hitler
Oh Japan, you so crazy.
Freeman Gordon
They forgot to purify the ring from evil spirits. How amateur.
fun fact: if a woman so much as touches a actual dohyo (ring), they completely destroy it and build a new one. they're considered impure because they menstruate. oh, japan, you so crazy.

there was a huge problem in osaka when the female mayor was supposed to give one of the trophies to the tournament winner @ the haru basho in osaka a few years back.

also, in the 1700's-1800's, whorehouses regularly had topless sumo tournaments between the whores to drum up business, until that marketing ploy was banned
"until that marketing ploy was banned"

If there's a tradition that needs to revive, that's the one dammit.

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