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Desc:Excerpt from his Let America Laugh DVD.
Tags:David Cross, little rock, not dane cook, retarded thalidomide puppies
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Comment count is 15
Jambands! Pissing in cups! How bad could it be?
It sounded like one guy doing most of the shouting. They should have kicked him out.
The related links are clips from Idiocracy.
Rodents of Unusual Size
You talk like a faggot.

This guy giving up was way better than Dane Cook.
The follow-up on the DVD of him bashing Little Rock during his next show is pretty great, also.
Quick note: It's AR, not AK.

This is pretty much why Little Rock is awful. Arkansans are easily the most insecure and obnoxious people ever, and Little Rock is the focal point of both insanities, since it is the closest thing to a "scene" that this state is probably going to have.
As a hopefully future former Arkansan, you're not wrong.
Sorry, that was a reply to NewHeavenSalesman.

Goofy Gorilla
I don't even like David Cross, but MAN that was a bad crowd. I was surprised they didn't have a chicken wire fence in front of him.

I'd be pretty pissed if I had bought a ticket.
Why not just sneak in through the back?

Syd Midnight
There's a great bootleg of Bill Hicks completely bombing in front of a crowd like this, "I'm Sorry, Folks". Hicks stuck it out for a whole show, but lost his dignity.
Yellow Lantern
Is that the one where at one point he just yells "Hitler had the right idea, he was just an UNDERACHIEVER!"

Goddamn that was entertaining.



i think he handled it pretty well. poor david cross.
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