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Desc:This dream game has some faults, but the bit where a psychedelic penis molests a bannister is good.
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:acid, dreams, yume nikki, abstract terror
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Rum Revenge
No, stop! Don't go in that do - OH NO IT'S THE FAAAACE!

I love this game. Didn't realize that KyuKyu-kun makes your TV flicker when you wake up.
Eh, it's still not Uboa.

Tuan Jim
The ending to the game is in the related links.

Holy shit, it's just what you'd imagine a super fucked up Japanese man would have a little girl do after spending time in nightmare land.

Well, maybe not what YOU would imagine, but it's probably on your list of what he'd do.

If that were a video here, I'd definitely one-star it because holy shit the guy playing it won't shut his stupid maiden-voiced mouth already.

But uh yeah that was on my list of things that might have happened.

Dr. Lobotomy
If it's says "Let's Play:" you can typically know ahead of time that you'll wish you could rip the narrator's tongue out.

It's too bad too since the good ones like Ulillillia and a scant few tolerable others get buried under pile of other me-too wannabes and their shitty "Let's Play" vids.

Goofy Gorilla
Poop hair.
pressed peanut sweepings
This game makes me feel like I'm home.
Auto-five for Yume Nikki.
I couldn't get this to work on my machine, because I am a tremendous spaz. And now I can't find the damn file. Will have to dl it again. Because this is awesome.
Did you try looking around for the English version with the installer.

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