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Desc:In which Louis is made to pay dearly for vocally doubting the athletic validity of wrestling
Category:Sports, Horror
Tags:wrestling, louis theroux, waldo, the US as seen by the british, death narrowly avoided
Submitted:Syd Midnight
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Syd Midnight
IIRC he interviewed a wrestler pre-match, and when the guy mentioned kayfabe Louis says "So it's not a real sport is it" which is the worst thing you can possibly say. So they invited him to join a training session so they could Sgt Hartman his ass.
Syd Midnight
1:35 when the wrestler shouts something and Louis automatically replies "I am a dying cockroach", that is some top notch bullying I tell you what.

Always great to see Louis de-smugified
I'm hoping that the pants are creating an optical illusion. What else would explain that ass-unit?
the overlapping shouting makes this sound more like a family reunion than a training camp

3:33 stars, cherry popped
sure is a lot of training for a fake sport
Its not fake. The pain is real, the blood is real, and the action is real. I'd like to hand your ass to the sarge.

What, after he's done with yours?

Well, if you do it wrong you can get seriously and permanently injured, so I'd be practicing my ass off, too.

the sarge is so defensive because he knows it's a fake sport.

Dr Dim
It's real like the circus is real. My only problem with it is that the really famous guys mostly seem to be clumsy meat heads, but the little Japanese and Mexican guys are amazing.

Doctor Arcane
Its not really exercise unless you puke.
My favorite part of this entire piece is the very beginning. Raven is sitting in an airport and Louis is all "I'm doing a film on wrestling" and Raven is all "Oh yeah? Well do you know who I am? No? Then you have no idea what the fuck you're even talking about."

Oh, Scotty Flamingo, you fabulous girl.
Don't fuck with Raven. When you fuck with Raven you fuck with a member of MENSA.

yeah man i dont want to fuck with a member of MENSA

Yeah, rugby practice is about 100x harder.
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