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Desc:This is a sequel to Ass-Terror-It
Category:Video Games
Tags:ass, terror
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Comment count is 12
That dildo sucks at going in anuses. I'm also fairly sure that crap flying all over the place isn't normally considered a success, as well.

With that said, this video just made me wonder what Ulillillia would say about it.
"the timing is everything."

or in this player's case, it's nothing! HAR!

wtf czech republic
i'm so proud of my heritage right now
I really don't see what my people saw in your country in the 1930s... Seriously, why would we want this?

Its only slightly less gay than Resident Evil 5
needs lube
Lauritz Melchior
The enema-dildo is a cartoon mole!

voted this up/5 STRICTLY for the awesome, totally uncharacteristic soundtrack
Sorry the tags suck :(
Jeff Fries
If they had no trable with it why was it baned
A Jumping Spider!
You have to jump in anus.
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