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Desc:One of the most toxic areas in the United States.
Category:News & Politics, Business
Tags:Picher Oklahoma, Toxic Waste, Tar Creek, Lead, Good Corporate Citizen
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Environmental organizations should have rules against letting nasally soft-spoken wood gnomes speak for their cause.
They should start a show on PBS where these two debate each other on various topics


digzie1 (4 weeks ago) Show Hide
Marked as spam
ive had more lead contamination from
working at (eagle picher) joplin missouri
couples plant in one shift ,than all the
riding on chat piles, in one shift my
wrists would be yellow and bruised
looking,from the lead i pressed into battery plates, why dont these people look
into that? we all know the answer,,,,
ohh on a light note,the pool hall was cool
regulation size tables !  shot pool there
a few times....

And then a tornado hit it
who needs regulation, AMIRITE? RON PAUL/A TERADACTYL 2012
Testicles of Doom
I wouldn't vote for Ron Paul, but he'd probably die within the first month of his term, and A TERADACTYL knows what's best for my family and America.

shoot the piano player.
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