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Desc:A preview of juggalos ca. 2030
Category:Nature & Places
Tags:white people, what hell sounds like, Parrotheads, alcohol poisoning
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the most white people-y of all white people tags
put these folks and Juggalos in one festival and you'll have a microcosm of America...and possibly a very productive nuclear target

These guys are so much worse than juggalos.

2:36 - when he does that horrible Khaki shorts polo shirt halfassed rock jump...

That is the moment good music died forever.
whiter than a million suns ablaze
The Townleybomb
Oh man are Aunt Ginny and that accountant guy she's dating going to cut loose tonight!

Extra hate because Buffet used to be a regular at the bar I worked at after college, and he was legendary for being nasty and a lousy tipper.
Can't rate, too much hate.

When I was in high school, Buffet was so huge in my city that he would sell out 5 nights in a row of the local amphitheater.

I can't stand puns.

the worst
I never realized how truly awful this man is until right now.
Sheer horror.
Great, now I hate margaritas and parties. Thanks old, boring white people.
margaritas are a waste of good alcohol. parties with these people are a waste of everything.

You're doing it wrong. You don't put good alcohol in a margarita.

There's a Cheese Burger in Paradise in my town. I think I'm required to torch it now.

Also, WHAT HELL SOUNDS LIKE tag, please.
Already in there, but not showing up. I don't know how the side prioritizes tags, but if there are more than 4 or 5 not all of them are displayed.

The "alcohol poisoning" tag is hidden, too.

You're only allowed five tags.

Duly noted and fixed

Ugh, yeah. Cincinnati is the Parrot Head Mecca. Fat, obnoxious, drunk, SUV driving Republicans in loud clothing.

Pretty much interchangeable with Teabaggers.
One time, I got hired to do some temp work at a boating supply shop.

There was only one album on the overhead, and it was Jimmy Buffet.

I lasted almost exactly four hours before quitting. The temp agency explained that it happened frequently.
Five stars for a clip that made me exclaim in anger "why the fuck do I have my speakers up so loud!?" Now I know the secret of how Buffet destroys better music.

Also, I have said it before and it needs repeating... military service makes you like this music.
Just carpet bomb the entire area plus a mile in all directions just to be sure.
Jimmy Buffett: The KISS for 40-something middle management types whose sole pleasure in life is sitting in a lawn chair, drinking themselves into a stupor, and desperately wishing they had any life other than their own.
I might like him slightly more than KISS. I've heard his first album was a pretty solid piece of early 70s outlaw country, anyway.

Lies, lies, LIES!
Oh no! People are having fun doing something that doesn't involve video games! NERD RAGE!

That said, I couldn't endure the clip - the man's music is genuinely awful.
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