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Desc:DW tv computer animation showing how the Grenze was set up. Cold War!
Category:Military, Educational
Tags:germany, Cold War, USSR, East Germany, berlin wall
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Comment count is 12
Well, I learned something today. Thanks, PoETV!
Very interesting.
Doctor Arcane
Need a sentry here!
When I played every Infocom text adventure in the 1980s, I spent a couple of weeks mapping out an escape from East Berlin adventure, with abandoned sewers, CIA wiretap tunnels etc. I gave up the idea because it was just too bleak, and I didn't know a word of German for flavor.

I think I came to the conclusion that the safest escape would be to assemble a tiny motor launch on a moonless midnight on the beaches around Rostock, and flee over the Baltic to Denmark, about 20 miles.


for an amazing escape attempt. It was made into a movie, which I haven't seen:


Menudo con queso
They showed that to us in elementary school!

Now I want them to do one of these animations for the US-Mexico wall.

Seriously, the Mexico-U.S. wall will kick these one's asses. Can you say sentry robots?

Goethe and ernie
I fucking love educational stuff, that was awesome. The stilted robot-sounding narration only added to it.
One day America will have a wall like this, no Mexican will notice.
If you'd seen Fast and Furious, you'd know that Mexicans get into the US by driving under mountains.

Syd Midnight
It makes me feel good to be reminded that the Berlin Wall now exists only in CGI.
Dutch Oven Fresh Pie
Okay now I want to see Mexicans try to get through this. I bet they can.
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