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Desc:Purile, childish, and giggle-worthy
Category:News & Politics
Tags:9/11, masturbation, The Onion, sybian
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Comment count is 15
Man Who Fights Like Woman
There's literally nothing in this world that'll keep me from masturbating.
Not even sore, chapped genitals from doing it too much?

Hey, don't do the crime if you can't do the time..

Caminante Nocturno
Obama: I'm talking to you, Nina!

All five stars are for the end.
One load per tower.
This is a Louis CK joke - You can tell how bad a person you are by how long after 9/11 you waited to masturbate - for me, it was between the first and second tower falling down.
For a second there, I actually thought my orgasm made the second tower fall.

I forgot that it was 9/11 on 9/11, and honestly I jerked off. But once I remembered what day it was, I didn't do it any more.
when i was younger, i wary of masturbating on holidays like christmas or easter. not so much anymore.
The internet would riot of redtube, youporn, and all the rest went down to observe the occasion.
Jeff Fries
A quiet riot

William Burns
I rub one out every time The Onion is funny again.
I think their news clips are pretty fantastic... at first I thought they might be Daily Show ripoffs, but I think they translated the Onion over to video pretty nicely. Then again, it's easy to make me laugh.

"It's 9/11. Shame on you."
The Mothership
best part.

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