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Desc:Oh Glenn, you really should make up your mind.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:mccain, obama, katie couric, glenn beck, cognitive dissonance
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Comment count is 14
John Holmes Motherfucker
It's like he's some kind medical curiosity on display. "Okay Glenn, I'm gong to ask you a question, and I want you to say something completely deranged.".

It's actually TRUE that John McCain would have been worse for America than Barak Obama, but even the truth sounds deranged when it comes from Glenn Beck.
I'm wondering if this is;


or proof that the republican base doesn't and hasn't liked McCain, who is still oblivious to the fact.
mccain was actually in texas in 1991 and testified to seeing glenn beck carrying a large duffel bag from to his car on the night beck allegedly raped and murdered an innocent nine year old girl

Take this as trolling, idiocy, or (my theroy) - an inept attempt to grab viewers from Katie Couric's audience.
McCain would have been worse for America because Glenn wouldn't have been able to make a name for himself and whip up a populist frenzy without the President being a scary black man with a foreign-sounding name.
Hillary Clinton > Barack Obama > John McCain
Putting aside the capabilities of Clinton vs. Obama, I'd have two caveats:

1. We just got through with one political dynasty in the White House that was catastrophic; I don't think we need to encourage that sort of thing.
2. Even if Hillary was the perfect commander-in-chief, if you think the GOP are going out of their nazi-hallucinating minds right now, imagine what their scream machine would be like with her in the White House. The obstructionism in Congress from the Republicans would make that going on now seem like a speed bump as compared to a six-inch-thick sheet of battleship armor with "OMG NAZI-SOCIALISM-RONPAUL" scrawled on it in blood.

Don't tell that to me. Tell that to Glenn Beck... He said that he would have preferred Hillary over Obama, and they were both better than McCain.

On another note. I would have probably voted for Barack in the Primary if my state didn't do one of those gay caucus things. Otherwise, I would have been completely fine with voting on either prospect in the general election because I feel that the Republicans would have gotten a big fucking stroke no matter who was in charge.

Before this interview, Beck and his writers sat down and came up with two or three lines designed to elicit reaction. This was the most successful.
More proof for the "Glenn Beck is a fucking enormous troll" theory, imo.
Unlike Glenn Beck, McCain never raped, murdered, and ate a young girl in 1990. Beck's jealous.

is that true or are we just starting rumors?

God, who cares?
The preload image doubles as an epicac .
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