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biclops - 2009-09-23

This was not what I expected to hear

THA SUGAH RAIN - 2009-09-23

" I would be gang raped in prison"
Well now isn't someone being a little presumptuous and arrogant.

Enjoy - 2009-09-23

But his Hollywood good looks.... I mean he probably wears flipflops with jeans.

jangbones - 2009-09-23

Thanksgivings at the Phillips house must have been interesting.

Jeff Fries - 2009-09-23

Add webcams to the list of things to stay the fuck away from during recovery, HOLY SHIT

TeenerTot - 2009-09-23

I have a few thoughts about my sister's allegations of incest and drug use. ME ME ME my guru ME ME ME my guru ME ME ME my guru ME ME ME my guru. my guru.

UmbilicalFiend - 2010-11-17

This message brought to you by Nityananda Ganeshpuri

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